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The Island of Cyprus

The Island of Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most easterly islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the third largest.  As a result of its location, it enjoys a long season of warm sunshine and blue skies making it an ideal destination for holiday makers almost all year round.  

Over the centuries the Island of Cyprus has been conquered by foreigners on countless occasions, all of whom have left their marks and influences stamped on the Cyprus landscape and way of life.  Wonderful sightseeing tours can be made throughout the island whereby visitors can take in the historical monuments, impressive archaeological sites and numerous museums. Marvel at the Greco-Roman theatres, carved out of limestone, the Tombs of the Kings, the mythological mosaic houses and the many churches and cathedrals scattered all over the island. 

Not only is Cyprus steeped in history, myths and legends, it is also saturated with intense natural beauty. It possesses an impressive variation in landscape, contrasting the un-spoilt simplicity of the Akamas National Park area, with its diverse assortment of wildlife and vegetation; the Troodos Mountain Range, which covers a large proportion of the south-western section of the island; and the both lively and tranquil coastal areas, boasting beautiful beaches and fascinating rock formations.

An abundant variety of accommodation, facilities and activities are found in Cyprus, everything the modern-day traveller could wish for.  From ravishing five-star resorts, exclusive villas, health spas, an array of bars and restaurants, sports both water and otherwise (including diving, trekking, climbing, skiing), cruises (both around the island itself and to other countries such as Egypt). There is truly something for everyone.

With its combination of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear Mediterranean Sea, mountain terrain, warm weather, Cyprus is an ideal and unforgettable destination. One visit will not be enough to explore all aspects of this enchanting island.