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Driving in Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus is very easy and straight forward, mainly due to the fact that the road system follows that of the UK. They drive on the left hand side of the road and all sign posts are in both Greek and English.

It is advisable to drive in Cyprus as regular public transport service are not always reliable and are not available to all the remote areas in which places of interest can be found.

The road surfaces are generally in good condition and comply with international traffic conditions, linking the main towns and a selection of villages. There is a four lane motorway which connects the four main towns/cities of Cyprus, Nicosia (also known as Lefkosia, the capital) and the coastal towns of Limassol (Lemesos), Larnaca and Paphos.

Care should be taken, however, when traveling on the minor roads and forest roads, particularly when wet, as these are at times un-surfaced although in relatively good condition.